A land eviction portal in Uganda has been launched to track and document land evictions.

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By witnessradio.org Team

LandevictionsinUganda.witnessradio.org  with more than 2 million smallholder farmers across Uganda believed to have lost their farming land by 2017. Its an initiative of witnessradio.org that monitors, maps, collects, investigates, analyses, visualize and mines land evictions data in Uganda.

It’s a project for independent researchers and investigative human rights journalists spread across the country using open data technologies to promote access to quality information on land access, control and acquisition in a bid to promote proper land governance mechanism and securing land rights for smallholder farmers.

According to witnessradio.org findings, 120 land eviction cases have been carried out in total disregard to the UN minimum guidelines on forced eviction nor Africa’s guidelines on large scale land based investment.

“The land eviction portal is here to among many things, work as an early warning pre-cursor, that land is the next source of an internal war if no quick intervention is made to solve land governance crisis in the country. The current situation is killing local economies and  causing evident food security as the only remaining hope (land) for citizens, is being taken away in a violent and brutal manner” said Wokulira Geoffrey Ssebaggala, Executive Director, Witnessradio.org

The LandevictionsinUganda.witnessradio.org has come at a time when more than 1.8 million hectares of land are suspected to be in different deals namely, renewable energy, biofuel, food crops, wood and fibre, carbon sequestration and industry while over 202,286 land hectares have been concluded in deals and 7845 of land hectares are in failed deals. Also, total land hectares in intended deals are 1,157,828.

For more info. Please visit us at; www.witnessradio.org or our portal; landevictionsinuganda.witnessradio.org