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Witness Radio is using an online-based radio platform to connect grassroots voices in the four corners of the globe to solve global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, lack of energy access, conflict, and food insecurity. For a very long time, local/indigenous communities’ voices have been excluded and ignored in decision-making processes for development projects on their land, and in the end, these projects have caused more harm than good.

The project seeks to inspire local/indigenous communities to use the radio as a dashboard of ideas and a platform of opinions to shape the development of agendas for their land. 

It also aims to build solidarity among communities that are negatively impacted by development projects. To inspire and empower grassroots communities to contribute to the protection and promotion of human rights in the world around them.

We stream 24/7 informative content/programs, live broadcast community dialogues between communities and their leaders, community debates, podcasts, and interviews through forced evictions, alongside in-depth reporting.

Please access our programs through the Witness Radio website ( or by downloading the Witness Radio App from the Google Play Store to listen to podcasts and live streaming.

Listening to Witness Radio online radio is a sure way to access information about communities’ rights in development. Tune in.

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