About us

witnessradio.org is a non partisan and not-for-profit registered organization with a media leaning approach to deliver on different human rights thematic areas and promote independent media in Uganda through the use of Information Communication technology (ICT).

Started by a team of senior human rights and investigative journalists, the organization employs underground investigations and modern technology to promote and defend universal human rights.

The organization runs a virtual studio to amplify voices of the oppressed, campaign for minority/vulnerable groups’ issues, and promote investigative journalism. The studio runs materials through a radio format that cannot find space in traditional media outlets.

Started in 2016, witnessradio.org has three program areas namely;

Media for Change Network:

The program mobilizes rural journalists to embrace technology and build their capacities in ICT and Human Rights Based Approach and Investigative Journalism (HRBA+IJ) to promote localized human rights based content on journalists groups’ web-based platforms.

With financial support from United States Embassy, Kampala-Uganda, the network has connected ten (ten) regional members with office Internet, set of a computer and a fully constructed and independent running website. Regions covered include Northern Uganda, Rwenzori region, West Nile region, Teso-karamoja region, Southern Buganda region, Eastern Uganda region, Bunyoro region and greater Mubende region.

The network uses bottom-up approach to congregate regional issues affecting local communities to inform both regional and national engagement campaigns. Our campaigns are evidence-based with intention to raise awareness and demand immediate interventions from governments.

Special Projects Program

The program carries out studies on pressing issues affecting an ordinary Ugandan and commissions investigations into different human rights thematic areas. The evidence collected is used to shape campaign areas for NGOs and inform government decisions into policy changes and support victims with court evidences among others.

In 2016, witnessradio.org with support from Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA) commissioned investigations into land grabbing in Mubende district to understand how much land is  grabbed annually, how many families are affected and methods used during evictions.

In January, 2018, witnessradio.org released its shocking findings in a report,  revealing  that over 1.9m hectares of land had been grabbed in 2016/17 with over 190,000 families were violently evicted; subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment; tortured; facing starvation.

NGOs Work in Uganda

NGOs are the second-largest information deposits after government. However, NGOs struggle to make findings relevant and find hardships to disseminate such crucial information generated through studies and research.

As such, witnessradio.org under this program, partners with NGOs to promote their work in Uganda, making it visible, and promote public debate and conversation.

The program offers free space to NGOs on our virtual studio through streaming and pre-recorded shows. Our live program can be listened to via this link; https://witnessradio.org/witness/witness-radio-listen-live.html