Impunity as Land Inquiry Commission is rendered powerless to solve land conflicts in Uganda

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By Team

On March 14th, 2018, the Land Inquiry Commission opened investigations into violent land eviction of indigenous communities from former government ranches in Kiryandongo district and directed immediate halt of evictions until investigations are done.

This followed a move by hundreds of victims to camp at the Commission’s offices accusing Agilis partners limited and Kiryandongo Sugar Limited for using force and violent methods to grab their land. Agilis Partners limited is owned by Joseph Initiatives limited.

The commission which was represented by Commissioner Robert Ssebunya, directed that security be provided to communities and get resettled back on their land until March 21st, 2018 when the commission expects to undertake a physical visit to the area.‘s latest information indicates that yesterday March 20th, Joseph Initiatives’ workers under the protection of Kiryandongo police commanded by Kiryandongo District Police Commander Okello Charles raided villages, set fire on people’s houses and beat up elderly women and men who couldn’t run away during raids.

On March16th, 2018, petitioned the Land Inquiry Commission with compelling evidence pinning both Joseph Initiatives’ Agilis and Kiryandongo Sugar for disrespecting indigenous communities’ land rights and subsequent violation of fundamental human rights.

Both companies under the protection of the security organs including police and Uganda People’s Defense Forces that are using excessive force and causing permanent disability to several people including a 11 year old boy, mastermind illegal arrest and detention, burn and destroy houses, cut down people’s plantation and coerce people including the elderly to accept little payment in form of transport to leave their land.