7 businessmen claim ownership on same piece of land; threatening to evict thousands

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By witnessradio.org Team

Over 15000 families are facing eviction threats in Kanseera Ward, East Division, Mubende Municipality, Mubende District after over seven (7) businessmen publicly announced ownership of 1812.99 hectares that has been occupied and cultivated by these natives for decades. Mubende is part of Buganda sub region, in the Southern Side of Kampala.

The land covers over 17 villages namely; Kiziba, Kyensuwa, Biyolo, Kiwala, Kambuye, Lwobuyinja, Rwenyange, Kyabaana, Kanseere, Lwebigajji, Kikoono, Kikyagi, Mitibiri, Kisagazi, Mabare, Seeta, Nakajura and Lukunyu all found in East Division.

The targeted land is under a freehold tenure, which was once allegedly owned by late Cyprian Mutagwanya, a former Buwekula county chief. County chiefs are appointed and represent His Royal Highness, the Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom at a county level.

Ssemivubo Edward, 69, a resident of Mabale says, he has lived on this land with his family since 1950s, which has been source of their dignity and livelihood. “I have lost sleep since I heard that handful of people are claiming ownership of our land. Our leaders must immediately intervene as many of us are too weak and cannot afford to be evicted off our land which is hosting our properties worth millions and ancestral graveyards among others” said Ssemivubo.

According to businessmen claiming ownership, the land was sold to them by children and grand children of late Mutagwanya.

Some of the businessmen claiming ownership include; Biddemu Charles claims 234.32 hectares on Block 168, Plot 34 and 240 hectares on Block 168, Plot 35 at Kambuye Estates.

Bukenya Dennis Kaggwa, a resident of Seeta Mukono claims 234.32 Hectares on Block 168, Plot 34 and 240 hectares on Block 168, Plot 35 Kambuye Estates.

Swaibu Lubega Wagwa claims 322.5 Hectares on Block 168, Plot 28, Kambuye Estate.

Kawesi George says claims 322.5 Hectares on Block 168, Plot 28, at Kambuya Estate.

Other businessmen include; Kayiwa Emmanuel and Ssentamu .D. Peter who did not mention the size of their land but claim they own land on Block 168, Plot 19, Plot 22 and Plot 23 among others.

The East Division mayor Kyature Dennis confirms the eviction threats.