CCEDU: Shs 868 billion for 2021 elections is costly for Uganda’s struggling economy

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This Week, the Electoral Commission released the 2021 road map for the elections with an increment of the budget from Shs 500 billion in 2016 to Shs 868 billion for the next election.

But the Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) Coordinator, Crispin Kaheru, said the plan stands on shaky ground because the necessary legal reforms that are supposed to support the implementation of the plan as proposed by the Supreme Court and other stakeholders are not yet in place.

He added that this means even with a good plan, this may continue to create lowering confidence in elections, more electoral malpractices and election petitions because the legal and administrative leakages that were there in the past, may still continue unabated.

“This plan is quite costly – Shs 868 billion compared to about 500 billion shillings in 2016. This is quite a cost especially for a struggling economy.”

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