15 houses burnt in protracted land dispute in Zombo

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Zombo, Uganda | Police in Zombo district are investigating an incident in which 15 grass thatched houses were set ablaze at a height of a protracted land dispute in Atiak village.

Reports from the police indicate that the dispute over ownership of a piece of land in Atiak village started over five years ago between one resident identified as Sedi Iddi and his close neighbours.  

After failed efforts to settle the dispute, Iddi reportedly took the matter to court, where  a decision of the judges is still awaited.

But reports indicate that unknown people attacked Iddi in the middle of the night on Tuesday who beat him up until he was rescued by sympathizers who respond to his cry for help and rushed to Atiak Health Centre for medical attention.

The attackers proceeded to burn 15 houses in the homestead. Josephine Angucia, the police spokesperson for West Nile said that while the occupants of the houses escaped unhurt, invaluable property including motorcycles, bicycles and household items were destroyed.

According to Angucia, the suspects immediately fled and are still at large as police of Zombo continues to pursue them.

Sources from Atiak indicate that the suspects have fled into the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC, where they are believed to be hiding in jungles.

Conflicts over land have become common in Zombo district with police registering at least 10 cases in a month on land related matters. A general inquiry file has been opened by the police in Zombo against the attackers.

Source: The Independent