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Starting 1st August, will begin broadcasting content programmes.
We shall begin with special projects


The Egalitarian Project (EP). Since an “Egalitarian” is one who rejects accepted notions of social inequality, and believes that ALL people are equal, and deserve equal and equitable cultural, economic, social, and political rights and opportunities, the EP is a collection of speeches, essays, monologues, and cultural artifacts that are composed into a “mixtape” in order to empower and inspire everyone who listens. The project is produced in conjunction with and DaQuan Marquise Lawrence.

DaQuan hails from New York City, and is a devout social justice and human rights activist and advocate who received his B.A. in Sociology from Morgan State University (May 2013) in Baltimore, Maryland, and his M.A. in international relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (May 2016) in Washington D.C. DaQuan is a Pan-African humanitarian, international civil servant, and public speaker who seeks to collaborate with creators of change in order to benefit humanity.

Inside the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)

Inside the Resettlement Action Plan radio documentary is an in-depth 21:45 minutes’ documentary, which highlights the land plight of indigenous community in the Albertine oil region (Hoima, Buliisa, Masindi…). Communities lost land to government after drafting Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), which has not been fulfilled.  Communities were ordered to sign compensation agreement before receiving the actual money and anyone who signed the agreement was under obligation to vacate their land. Many natives are locked up in Internally Displaced Camps in Bunyoro Sub region waiting for their money to relocate to other places.

The documentary was produced by with support from African Institute on Energy Governance (AFIEGO).
AFIEGO), a public policy research and advocacy organisation dedicated to influencing energy and related policies such as those on land to benefit the poor and vulnerable, takes this opportunity to appreciate your efforts to address the land problems affecting Ugandans. Visit AFRIEGO site to learn more about their work.

Living on the blink
Living on the blink; a 21:25 minutes documentary. It highlights the increasing land evictions in Uganda and their social and economical consequences to evicted indigenous communities. It was produced by with support from the Unwanted Witness. Unwanted Witness is a digital rights advocate that had interests in land related issues before passing on its land related work to Please visit UW’s site to learn more about their work.

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