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The program mobilizes rural and freelance journalists to embrace technology and build their capacities in ICT and Human Rights Based Approach and Investigative Journalism (HRBA+IJ) to promote localized human rights based content on journalists groups’ web-based platforms.

With financial support from United States Embassy, Kampala-Uganda, the network has connected ten (10) upcountry media associations with office Internet, a set of computer and a fully constructed and running website. Regions covered include; Northern Uganda, Rwenzori region, West Nile region, Teso-karamoja region, Southern Buganda region, Eastern Uganda region, Bunyoro region and greater Mubende region.

The network uses bottom-up approach to congregate local issues affecting local communities in the covered regions. Our goal is to spur public debate and discussions from regional to national levels through media campaigns and engagementsled by affected communities. Our campaigns are evidence-based with intention to empower communities to take a frontline role and directly engage governments and other stakeholders for change. Some of network members include;,,,,, and among others.

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