Nebbi land survivors remain homeless for months

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Quick Facts

  • The land dispute between Agule and Acer community which left one person dead on May 15, started 15 years ago and the disputed land is estimated to be about 500 acres  
  • This year the Acer community attacked Agule community following a court summon over the disputed land and destroyed properties
  • It is also alleged that the Agule community attacked one of the sons with bows and arrows killing him instantly as he was digging in one of the disputed land
  • The evicted members have been denied their right to property because some of them were destroyed in the process of eviction

Nebbi-About 500 people who were evicted from Acer and Agule community during land wrangles in Ndhew Sub-county, Nebbi district have remained homeless since May this year.

The vulnerable community members including children are suffering following the destruction of the food crops and properties since the community were pushed out of the disputed land by Acer community where they have been earning their livelihoods.

Speaking to West Nile Press Online on Monday one of the banished community members of Agule Mr Harold Orombi, said the land disputes is negatively impacting on the communities economically and socially that calls for justice. Currently, the about 500 displaced are living at homes of their relatives and Good Samaritans.

“We cannot farm and give our families the basic needs they want since the land was our main source of livelihood and now we depend on one meal a day….

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