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Shs148 billion earmarked for irrigation

T he Agriculture ministry has said $40m (about Shs148 billion) has been earmarked for the first phase of micro-scale irrigation programme to boost production among small holder farmers. The ministry said the programme aims

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FAO warns of severe dry spell

Kampala- As floods wreak havoc across the country, the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) has warned of severe drought between November to February 2021 that will cause food scarcity in the country. This warning was

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Coffee consumption is on the rise in Uganda

There’s a new trend brewing in Uganda amongst the younger generation that can be found in an aroma-filled cup of cappuccino or espresso. Indeed, despite being the second-largest coffee-producer on the African continent, Ugandans

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How to earn more from coffee

Farmers are advised to harvest only the ripe cherries Coffee farming and its value chain is considered to be an activity mainly undertaken by male famers. Female farmers have been urged to engage in

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Kayunga to get pineapple juice processing factory

By FRED MUZAALE The government through the National Agricultural Advisory Services (Naads) is constructing a multi-billion pineapple juice processing factory in Kayunga District amid challenges of low production and wrong location. The Busaale Pineapple

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Sugarcane prices in Busoga drop further

Sugarcane farmers in Busoga are struggling to cope with the declining prices of cane. PHOTO/ FILE PHOTO  Sugarcane farmers in Busoga Sub-region are crying foul following the continued drop in prices for cane, with

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Cattle raids return to Karamoja

Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | It is early afternoon in Lokitela-ekuam village in Rupa sub-county in Moroto District on July 01 and about 200 villagers are seated under a big umbrella tree, discussing increasing

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Farmers stuck with sugarcane

Sugarcane farmers in Busoga are stuck with about 7.5 million tonnes of sugarcane after millers allegedly failed to consume them. Speaking to Daily Monitor on Wednesday, the Busoga Sugarcane Out-growers Association (BSGA) spokesperson, Mr

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FAO partners with the Adaptation Fund

ROME — The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has been accredited as an implementing partner of the Adaptation Fund and will work with the international fund on projects to help

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Nursery bed farmers stuck with seedlings

Nursery bed operators who have been supplying coffee seedlings to government in Masaka, Lwengo, Kyotera and Rakai districts are stuck with them after the distribution was halted in March following the Covid-19 pandemic. The

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Food shortage looms as lockdown hits farmers

A farmer uprooting weeds from his maize field in Kasese district. The COVID-19 lockdown has prevented farmers from accessing farm inputs. (File photo) AGRICULTURE Food production is often a combination of different factors, ranging

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Why you must consider crossbreeding

Exotic baron breed bred by scientists at Aswa Ranch for the last seven years weighing 900kg. Photo by Lominda Afedraru By Lominda Afedraru Dairy and beef cattle production is certainly a daunting undertaking, especially

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Do not plant yet, farmers warned

Experts have warned farmers not to rush into planting anything, explaining that the current rains are just seasonal and occasionally occur during dry spells. “These rains will not last for long. Farmers should hold

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Gov’t commissions sh430m irrigation scheme

Eng. John Twinomujuni explaining to the Kyegegwa district how the irrigation scheme works.Photo by Adolf Ayoreka KYEGEGWA – The Government, through the water and environment ministry under the department of water for production, has handed

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UNBS opens Shs22bn food lab

Kampala, Uganda |  The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has opened the UNBS national food safety laboratory building whose construction started in 2010 when the body acquired land to build its headquarters in

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Why coffee prices continue to drop

Despite a steady increase in coffee consumption around the world, trade prices have fallen dramatically in the past three years. Futures on arabica and robusta, the most widespread varieties of coffee, have fallen 40

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